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Privacy statement

This states Harvard's Privacy Policy for Harvard Link (the "Site"). By using the Site you are agreeing to this Privacy Policy.


Unless otherwise stated below, Harvard Link follows the Harvard Privacy Policy.

Data will never be shared with or sold to parties outside of Harvard. Data may be transmitted through third-party providers, such as Amazon Web Services, for the purposes of providing the services on Link. Any such transmitted data will adhere to the security requirements associated with the data.

To the extent your session and the pages you visit on the Site are tracked and associated with your user information, that user data (i.e. how you are using the Site) will only be used to improve the services provided on Link. This data will not be used for any other purpose.

Data is processed by VPAL-Research's secure data pipeline.

Link has logs that can be used to identify certain improper behavior, such as the programmatic downloading or scraping of information, which is prohibited.

By submitting a public website to the Site through the About me page, you agree to allow the Site to display that website and your personally identifiable information to others on the Site. Any keywords you submit on the About me page will only be used to improve the quality of your recommendations on the Site and will not be shared or otherwise displayed to other users of the Site.

This Privacy Statement may be modified by Harvard from time to time. In that event, the modified Privacy Statement will be posted here with a new "Last updated" date.

Last updated: August 30, 2019